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Update your ActivClient 7.2.1.x middleware

The links are for Army users only (Except where noted for Navy personnel)




 There are reports that the ActivClient and above works with the new "Stop gap" cards being issued recently

Stop Gap CAC image



ActivClient 7.2.1.x updates


ActivClient Hotfix - 22 November 2019 The ActivClient can be installed on top of ActivClient CAC 7.2.1.x or any later hotfix.

You can find more details about the issues this hotfix addresses in the technical description section of the Readme file associated with it.

Please know these hotfixes are cumulative and will also address all additional issues listed in their Readme file. ActivIdentity advises not to install hotfixes unless your system is directly experiencing issues addressed in the Readme file.

Download  AKO (

New imageNOTE: Please Right click the link below and select Copy (the new links are like SharePoint Links [1 mile long] as you will need to paste it a 2nd time after logging into AKO 2.0.  Direct links will only dump you at the home page.  Like AKO 1.0 used to be like.  We are repeating history again.  Shaking My Head (SMH)

ActivID (64 bit) (FIX1911003) via AKO 2.0 (CAC Required link)

I have not found a 32 bit version of



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